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KMS Version 2.2 Release

At Semedy, we are always updating our platform to add new features, improve

existing ones, and ensure our customers always have access to the best-in-class

software. We are proud to announce that the KMS (Knowledge Management

Software) v2.2 release is now available.

The KMS v2.2 release focuses on both new and enhanced features to improve user

experience and efficiency. Highlighted features include:

Improvements to overall usability/user experience

  • Enhanced responsiveness and support when running a high volume of background tasks

  • Reduced network traffic due to migration to WebSocket communication

Various updates to API functionality

  • New web services to create, update and validate entities, as well as deleting tasks

Improvements to content curation

  • Specialized UI to support the editing of properties with large numbers of values

  • Added support to re-run failed state changes with only the entities that are fully valid

  • Improved bulk editing capabilities

Upgraded security

  • Lock account after multiple failed login attempts

  • Upgraded security libraries

Stability enhancements

  • Reduced memory consumed

  • Large number of bugfixes

To find out more, please visit or email



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