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Knowledge management for


Clinical knowledge performance like never before.

Semedy is specialized to excel when managing the complexity and scale of large healthcare institutions.

Our knowledge management system is designed to become the foundation of your organization’s authoring and sharing activities. Once content assets are created or migrated in, they can be easily enhanced, linked and distributed to other applications and systems.

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Manage your clinical knowledge in one single, integrated repository. Semedy’s software supports all knowledge types, and all levels of structure. 

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Assign custom lifecycle states to each knowledge asset,  or use default settings. Track the complete history of each knowledge asset, from import to export.

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Semedy’s software is powered by semantic relationships. Enjoy complete oversight by proactively identifying how changes to one asset affect another.

Our clients

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Healthcare organizations

Clinical researchers

Data analytics organiztions

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Clinical knowledge specialists

Laboratory services


Still have questions?

We’re confident that we can solve your most difficult clinical content challenges with our software and consulting services.

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