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Use Case

Laboratory Catalog

The challenge...

Maintaining multiple different laboratory dictionaries across different systems makes for a lack of oversight and governance of your data. It’s difficult to identify inconsistencies, content issues and measure the clinical relevance of expensive lab tests.


Semedy’s platform uses state-of-the-art models to represent all your various laboratory dictionaries within a single, centralized repository. 

"The importance of a cohesive, transparent laboratory catalog system cannot be overstated."

- Example Quote, 2020

The solution...

Semedy’s platform is specialized to support the most efficient dictionary management. It features preconfigured and flexible models, extract/transform/load (ETL) pipelines, extensible metadata schemas, convenient authoring templates, and configurable views. Content updates can be achieved using the platform as the “source of truth”, or by using scheduled source content exports. 

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Filters & Keywords

Search lab orderables and resultables using keywords or more complex search strings and filters.

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Visualization Tools

Use custom presentation templates to easily visualize lab orderables and resultables.

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Custom Queries & Rules

Choose between preconfigured or custom queries and validation rules to identify errors.

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Clone Functionality

Fix identified problems within working sets using our clone functionality. 

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Import/Export Tools

Seamlessly import orderables, resultables and crosswalks into the platform, and then export them to your local dictionaries.

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Dependency Management 

Map laboratory assets to your reference terminologies to enhance reporting and interoperability.

The results...

This use case was developed using real-world examples from leading healthcare institutions. The results provided the ability to: 

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Manage provenance, versioning and relevant metadata for each lab asset


Easily browse lab assets to identify interdependencies


Detect and prevent lab content issues and sudden changes in utilization


Quickly identify inconsistent and invalid content


Strengthen the quality of reporting and interoperability



Implementation starts with retrieving your organization’s source content and mapping these to preconfigured models within our platform. Models can be shaped to meet the needs of your organization. 


Source content is loaded and periodically refreshed using our extract/transform/load (ETL) framework. 


Implement content updates using Semedy’s platform as a “source of truth”, or by using scheduled source content exports. Alternatively, lab content can be managed within the system with periodic updates from your source systems.


Semedy becomes the central repository for your lab content activities. Enjoy a new level of control over your laboratory dictionaries.

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