Our Product

CKMS - Clinical Knowledge Management System is a functional suite of modularized applications and services that improves the efficiency and reliability of clinical knowledge creation and management, thus leading to greatly enhanced collaboration, access and content utility for users. The CKMS manages authoring, maintenance and use of clinical knowledge based on a common platform comprised of a content repository integrated with content editors and a publishing portal. Semantic understanding and ontology management capabilities, which, for example, allows for automatic intelligent decision support taking the context of patients into account, are key elements of CKMS, which works across all domains and types of content and is easy to use.

Download the CKMS product flyer here - pdfsemedy_ckms_product_flyer_102015.pdf

Your benefits

  • The first intelligent knowledge curation platform with integrated authoring tools across all domains and types of content.
  • A centralized inventory of all clinical knowledge assets, thereby facilitating searching, retrieval, use and maintenance.
  • Enables the deployment and use of advanced CDS based on common, modular and interoperable knowledge assets.
  • Ensure that knowledge content and decision support services are aligned with quality, safety, and operating business drivers (HPM, Joint Commission, HEDIS, etc.).
  • Avoid potential liability of making incorrect recommendations or avoid gaps in content that can create liability of omission.