Semedy provides integrated knowledge management solutions for healthcare through software productscontent services, and consulting.

Our core software product is the Clinical Knowledge Management System (CKMS), an integrated platform for collaborative authoring, review, and maintenance of different asset types. CKMS can be used to curate and link terminologies, ontologies, information models, and decision support rules, among other types. 

Based on practical knowledge management experience obtained over decades in leading healthcare institutions, CKMS was built to support:

  • Complete knowledge lifecycles, including direct engagement with stakeholders and well-documented decisions
  • Integration of assets from reference and local sources, ranging from terminology concepts and detailed semantic models to complex decision logic for clinical protocols and pathways
  • Management of structural and semantic interdependencies among assets, preventing inconsistencies and unexpected malfunctions without compromising scalability
  • Versioning and detailed auditing of individual assets, ensuring traceability as assets and interdependencies evolve over time
  • Durable identifiers that incorporate explicit namespaces and revisions, preserving ownership and supporting local extensions
  • Configurable rules and templates that prevent errors and improve long-term sustainability

CKMS helps customers improve process efficiency and autonomy. Using CKMS, customers create high-quality assets that are complete, accessible, and actionable. Lifecycle processes enabled by CKMS ensure transparency and contribute to the reduction of downstream errors. Key CKMS features include:

  • Centralized asset repository to support and integrate lifecycle phases
  • Customized environments to author, tag, associate, and visualize assets
  • Intuitive search capabilities with facets to help segment and filter results
  • Configurable tools to normalize, import, export, and validate assets
  • Collaboration features to create and revise assets without compromising integrity
  • Semantically-enabled queries and rules to implement reports and guide curation

Whatever the stage of your organization’s knowledge management program, CKMS provides a flexible and scalable solution to help improve your efficiency.

Our content services include representation and distribution of a wide variety of reference content assets, along with periodic updates reflecting new releases from authoritative sources. Among others, reference content assets include:

  • Terminologies and ontologies
  • Value sets and classification rules
  • Data elements and information models
  • Documentation templates, including forms and flowsheets
  • Decision support rules, care pathways, and order sets

Our consulting services include a complete portfolio of training, development, and consulting activities. Our team has extensive experience in medical informatics, knowledge management, content engineering, and software development to help customers:

  • Implement and obtain maximum benefits from using our products
  • Integrate specific components of our platform with other software tools
  • Recruit and train content engineering and decision support resources
  • Define and implement content governance and curation processes
  • Design and author highly-specialized content assets
  • Specify and develop new software applications